Sunday, 27 November 2011

2 STATES-THE STORY of MY MARRIAGE free eBook download

Hello readers today I am going to share with you the eBook 2 STATES-THE STORY of MY MARRIAGE,another eBook by renowned author Chetan Bhagat.In one of my my previous posts I have shared with you the eBook 3 MISTAKES of MY LIFE by the same author.If you haven't read the book yet just follow my previous post.Below I have added the download link to the book but this time this eBook is hosted by DROPBOX not MEDIAFIRE.So guyz I hope You will download it and readers dont forget toadd Your precious comments.   



thank you so much for the link .. :)

Thaks you so much...!!! :-)

Hi Nibir

Thanks alot and it was so nice to get this book without any sign in process...keep up the good work.

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thank you soooo much..... this is really helpful ...........

Can't download it.... Pls help me......

Due to traffic ...unable to download

i can't read this book but i saw a film. I like it bcz it related to average related to our cultere, community,religion..i want that every people read this book and undrstand the whole idea bcz it is necessary for us bcz we all are nerrow minded and orthodox.i think this book will work to less ownerkilling and it will give us message to accept the little transfomation in our society

thanks to da admin of this awesome blog.i wish ur dreams fulfill

When you post a comment, you should add at least 2-3 words before posting your link. It encourages the author to post more and more contents to his site. Anyway all the best for your new site. Anticipating some great books there.....

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