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Assamese unicode fonts free download

Readers today I have come up with a Assamese Unicode writing software AVRO Keypad. Basically it is a software to write Bengali language but there is an additional keyboard layout named Bornona(বর্ণনা) in this software for অসমীয়া consisting the letters  ৰ and ৱ. Unlike the commercial softwares Baraha,Leap office etc. it is an open source freeware and You can use it as long as you wish and even modify it's keyboard layouts .I personally use this software for writing Assamese Unicode. If you need any assistance in writing Assamese Unicode or you have any problem using this software, you can let me know it via comments. I will try my best to shot it out......

                                                      CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


Thanks Nibir, I had avro in my laptop, but lost it in OS updation. thanks to your link I could download in again.

মই র আরু wo সব্দ দুতা লেখিব পরা নাই। উপাই তো জনাব চুন।
ইতি সীমান্ত স্রমা।

অভ্রত অসমীয়া ৱ আৰু ৰ টাইপ কৰিবৰ বাবে বর্ণনা বা অভ্র ইজি এই দুটা কীবর্ড লেআউটৰ যিকোনো এটা ব্যৱহাৰ কৰিব পাৰে । দুয়োটা কীবর্ড লেআউটতে \ আৰু | টাইপ কৰিলে ক্রমে ৱ আৰু ৰ আহে । Avro Mouse- Click n Type ত ৱ আৰু ৰ আখৰ দুটা আছে ।

ধন্যবাদ নিবিৰ।

They have released a tool called "JAHNABI"(Full installer and portable version) which has a new font which supports all the conjunct characters of Assamese language

মই ৰেফদাল বিচাৰি পোৱা নাই,তাৰবাবে কি কৰিব লাগিব?

ৰেফৰ বাবে r আৰু তাৰপাছত h টাইপ কৰিব লাগিব । যেনে কর্ম শব্দটোৰ বাবে krhm টাইপ কৰিব লাগিব ।

thanks nibir,aru eta katha kuasun kunu akhoror uporot chandrabindutu aniboloi ki koribo lagibo,mui type korute akhortur sideothe ulai dekhun

বর্ণনা কীবর্ড লেআউটত চন্দ্রবিন্দু টাইপ কৰিবলৈ @ ব্যৱহাৰ কৰিব লাগিব । যেনে কাঁচ শব্দটোৰ বাবে ka@c টাইপ কৰিব লাগিব ।

ৰত উ কাৰ ru টো কেনেকৈ অ্ভ্ৰত লিখেনো নিবিড়

ৰু যুক্তাক্ষৰটো Windows ৰ Default অসমীয়া ফন্ট Vrinda ত নাই । ৰু যুক্তাক্ষৰটো শুদ্ধভাবে দেখিবলৈ কালপুৰুষ ফন্টটো ব্যৱহাৰ কৰিব লাগিব । কালপুৰুষ ক আপোনাৰ কম্পিউটাৰৰ Default অসমীয়া ফন্ট কৰিবলৈ অভ্রত থকা Font Fixer(Tools => Font Fixer::Set Default Bangla Font) চফ্‌টৱেৰটো ব্যৱহাৰ কৰিব লাগিব । কালপুৰুষ ৰ ডাউনলোড লিংক

ধন্যবাদ নিবিড়

Rodali assamese writing software is much better . Download it free from

iyat type kori pagemakeroloi copy karile thike thakibone font missing hobo

এডোবি পেজমেকাৰে ইউনিকোড সমর্থন নকৰে । গতিকে অভ্র ব্যৱহাৰ কৰি পেজমেকাৰত লিখা সম্ভব নহয় । কিন্তু এডোবি পেজমেকাৰৰ নতুন সংস্কৰণ এডোবি ইনডিজাইন CS5 বা তাৰ পৰৱর্তী সংস্কৰণসমূহ সম্পূর্ণৰূপে ইউনিকোড সমর্থিত ।

Nibir Puzari,
i have download it but thing is its very difficult to remember the letters..
is there any way that i can change the letter code (?) like a for awa, b for baw, c for cha etc... kindly reply me
Ghanashyam deka, Aizawl

Thanks for commenting Mr. Deka. I can understand your problem. When I first started using AVRO, I faced the same problem. But after using it for some days with layout display on I was able to memorize the Bornona layout. Using keyboard layout is the fastest way for typing. If you still want to go for phonetic typing you should use Avro Phonetic. But in this layout Assamese ৰ is not available so you have use Avro Click n Type( Found in Avro-->Tools-->Click n Type ). But I strongly recommend you to use keyboard layout. You can also create your own layout using AVRO. Go to Avro-->Tools-->Keyboard Layout Editor. Hope this will be of help...

thanks for the reply man.. i use it for whole days today and i can handle the problems..... thanks again to help me to write in my mother toung....
great job my friend....
best regard
Ghanashyam Deka
mizoram university

What if I want to change the font style [stylish]

Use font fixer given with the package. For fonts, visit this link

Since Bhaxa Aandolan in Assam, it has been trying to implement Assamese language in every govt. offices by several organisations. A language implementation office was also created. Before, coming computer in the State, Assamese typewriters were somewhere utilised to type letters in Assamese. Since, the PCs are invariably used in almost all govt. offices, the operators are usually unable to do their works in Assamese as the Assamese language softwares are not easily found. I found such an office where there are about 20 pcs and the operators are crying for Assamese software. The Asom Sahitya Sabha or such organisations should come out with supporting software and impart necessary training to the pc operators of govt. offices. This will go a long way in implementation our language in right manner.

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I would like to about Avro Assamese spelling checkers

I would like to know about Avro Assamese spelling checker

Hi Nibir,
assamese blogor dara money earning koribo pora jai neki .. Ai bihoye olop kbosun.. Blog eta bonaisu assamese post likhibo bisaru


I need assamese stylish font. Kot pam jonabosoon.

font download hua nii.. Not found dakhuaise...

Please update the download link.
Given link isn't working.

Link Updated. Please check. Thanks for informing.

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Nice Site

Trying to type in Adobe Photoshop 7 but doing nothing only showing ?????
please help

Font change me keneke kore

Does this software support unicode fonts?

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