Friday, 23 December 2011

MISAKOTHA-a Truely Assamese news site

'' is the only place in the entire Internet where one can find genuinely true news regarding Assam. We read and re-read the articles 7 times before publishing them, because the truest person in Assam, Mr Akhil Subba Sarma, has 7 fingers on his right hand. The ideas of our articles directly comes from the greatest Assamese on the planet, Mr Porex Rajkhowa, who is doing his research in the Mymensingh Institute of Advanced Alchemy in Bangladesh, where he is trying his Quackery methods to convert Assam into Xunor (Golden) Axom (Assam). Since billions of dollars have been put into the research, all the articles published in MisaKotha should be above suspicion just like Ceaser's and Manmohan Singh's wives.''
                    I have quoted this lines from the site reading the lines I think you have already understand what kind of site it will be!!Today while searching for something in Google I found this site.Click here to go to the site .I am sure you would like it a lot.


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