Friday, 2 December 2011

Read Assamese eMagazine ENAJORI online is a popular site created by some dedicated Assamese folks to showcase Assamese language,culture,heritage etc. over electronic media.As a part of this mission they created a monthly bi-lingual (Assamese & English) online magazine এনাজৰী,which is very much popular among the Assamese people living in different parts of the world.I personally like this magazine very much and I have never missed any edition of this magazine in last two years.I hope you will like it and don't forget to thanks them for doing such a amazing work......

                                                                   CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SITE 


the assamese emagazine ENAJORI is very awesome...... it will help the new generation to know about their rich culture...

enajori the bond of nation...its fantastic magazine.thanks

It's a great work. I wish all the success.

Biraj Kr.Talukdar/Advisor/AJYCP/central committee

Enajori...emagazine with a bonding chain of a rich culture.
By rahul axom

E Magazine is the best when your or traveling mode. I used to read them while traveling.

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