Saturday, 17 December 2011

Read Assamese women's magazine PRIYA SAKHI online

Priyosakhi is a widely popular monthly Assamese magazine specially for women published by the Bismoi Prakashan from Guwahati Assam. It is a sister magazine of Bismoi and the editor of this magazine is Sashi Phukan. It includes a number of useful categories upon which the contents are based and is provided in the regional language of Assam and as such discusses and covers different topics such as Assamese Recipes or Cuisines, career related information, assamese poems, modelling photos, monthly horoscope, short stories, tourism related articles and personal experiences, novels and so on. There are infact many more subjects which are presented in this magazine such as Sakhir Matamat, Sakhir Dapun, Binudan, Nidan and so on.Today I am going to share with you the link for the internet edition of this magazine.Just click on the logo of the magazine attached here and you will be in the site.Hope you w3ill enjoy reading this mgazine


it's an excellent blog. I'd suggest you to add a follower gadget so that readers can stay connected with your blog. Keep in contact.

Thanks for your suggestion Pragyan.I have added this as per your suggestion

i click on the link but its all in asseme.can you upload it in englisg or an English link of the magazine.why donot you try your own mag like
online women magazines
fashion magazine household cooking Recipes you look like a daring person.nice post BTW

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