Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Listen to Assamese radio online

Hello readers, today I am here to share with you the link to an Assamese online radio station.VedantiNET, the broadband and application service provider of Guwahati, started this service on April 18,2010 still many of us are not aware of this station.The link I have added here take you to the site.The listener requires a PC/laptop with either a broadband or a narrow band Internet bandwidth link at a steady rate of not less than 32 kbps and should have Windows Media, Adobe Flash, Real, QuickTime or iTunes player pre-installed in the system. Mobile sets with GPRS or 3G connectivity may also access the radio channel. 


Assamese unicode fonts free download

Readers today I have come up with a Assamese Unicode writing software AVRO Keypad. Basically it is a software to write Bengali language but there is an additional keyboard layout named Bornona(বর্ণনা) in this software for অসমীয়া consisting the letters  ৰ and ৱ. Unlike the commercial softwares Baraha,Leap office etc. it is an open source freeware and You can use it as long as you wish and even modify it's keyboard layouts .I personally use this software for writing Assamese Unicode. If you need any assistance in writing Assamese Unicode or you have any problem using this software, you can let me know it via comments. I will try my best to shot it out......

                                                      CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Monday, 28 November 2011

এটা গান শেষ হ'ল-Poem free download

এটা গান শেষ  হ'ল is the heart touching poem composed and recited by Dr. Amarjyoti Choudhury Pro Vice-Chancellor,Tezpur University, for tribute to music maestro,legend of Assam Dr. Bhupen Hazarika in his last journey.In this post I am going to share with you the mp3 format of this poem.I wanted to add the video of the poem with lyrics in the same post but due to some problems I am unable to do that.I hope I can share the video  in my future posts.Till than enjoy this.....


      NOTE-To download the mp3 just right click your mouse on the link and "select Save Link as"    

Sunday, 27 November 2011

2 STATES-THE STORY of MY MARRIAGE free eBook download

Hello readers today I am going to share with you the eBook 2 STATES-THE STORY of MY MARRIAGE,another eBook by renowned author Chetan Bhagat.In one of my my previous posts I have shared with you the eBook 3 MISTAKES of MY LIFE by the same author.If you haven't read the book yet just follow my previous post.Below I have added the download link to the book but this time this eBook is hosted by DROPBOX not MEDIAFIRE.So guyz I hope You will download it and readers dont forget toadd Your precious comments.   


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Assam Football Association (AFA) new theme song download

Readers, today I am going to share with you the new theme song of Assam Football Association (AFA) sung by Zubeen Garg.Readers as you know that Popular singer Zubeen Garg has became the brand ambassador of Assam Football Association (AFA) just before the friendly international football match between India and Malaysia national teams at Indira Gandhi Stadium, Sarusajai on November 13.On that occasion Zubeen sang this song.I have downloaded this song from and I found that it is a nice song.So readers if you want to watch the video of this song or to download it just click HERE.It will take you to  

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Read Assamese magazine BICHURITA BARNALI online

Hello readers,today I am going to share with you a link of a popular Assamese magazine.The magazine BICHURITA BARNALI is a popular magazine in Assam and so I thought that I should share the link of the online edition of this magazine with my blog readers.The image add in this post is the logo of the magazine and click on it to read the current edition of the magazine online absolutely free.....

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Read English eBook Dracula online

Hello readers, after a gap of one week here I am with my new post.Readers after the eBook 3 MISTAKES of MY LIFE  here I am with another eBook Dracula by Bram Stoker.This eBook is the electronic form of the original 1897 edition of the book Dracula.To download the book just click at the below link and have fun.

                   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Watch Assamese news channel NE TV online

Hi readers today I have come up with a link to another popular Assamese news channel NE TV.Though this is an Assamese news channel they also telecast news in different languages of North-East.The link I have included here is a HQ link and I hope you enjoy it.But as I mentioned in my previous post the only requirement to watch streaming channel is decent internet speed.If you fulfill this requirement you can watch this channel online without wasting a penny.Click on the image to start streaming.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Utanua-rare species of mammal found in Assam

Hi readers,today I am going to share with you an article about rare species of mammal found in Assam.this article was written in Assamese by Mr.R,P Saikia and it was published in popular Assamese daily Dainik Asom.Below I have given the link to download the article.Readers, I hope you will download this article and share your precious comments.  


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Help Google to create Assamese search page

Hello readers today I have come up with a little bit of work for you.Readers whenever you search for Google India page you have noticed that the homepage of Google can be translated into many Indian languages like Hindi,Marathi etc but not in Assamese.Now they are working for available this page in Assamese for surfers and you can help them by translating some English phrases into Assamese.To do this just click here and add your little contribution to your motherland and proud to be Assamese.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Assamese cartoon story read online

Hi readers,I hope you have read the scientific fiction Seuj Manav published in my previous post.If not please follow my previous post.Today I am bringing you a cartoon story published in December,2004 edition of popular Assamese children magazine Jonak.Actually it is a story from Aesop's Fables translated into Assamese.It is a special gift from me to all my blog readers on the eve of children's Day.Click on the below link to download it.The image added here is the cover page of that particular edition of the magazine Jonak from where the story is scanned .So guyz read the story and don't forget to give your precious  feedback.  

                CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD  

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Read Assamese sci-fi story for free

Hello, viewers today I have come up with a Assamese scientific fiction story SEUJ MANAV by Mr. R,P Saikia.This story was first published in August,1980 edition of popular assamese megazine TRISHUL published from Sibsagar,Assam.when I read the story I feel that it is an amazing story and I should share it with my blog readers.So here I am with the download link.Readers, please click the link below to download that story from our host Mediafire and don't forget to share your precious comments with me.I will be back with fresh new contents soon.

                               CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Assamese cuisine

Some famous Chef of India once said, " India is so unique, one can find three different recipes for the same chicken curry in the three houses lined in the same row. Every kitchen and every cook in India has it's own cook book, unlike rest of the world."Well, Assamese cuisine is mainly rice based, less of oil and raw spices. It differs a lot from any other Indian Cuisine. It has its own flavor, taste and stand.Hello readers,The above quoted lines are taken from the blog আখল ঘৰ where I am going to take you today.As per me it is an excellent site to learn the recipes of delicious Assamese cuisine.If you searching on Google for Assamese recipes click here.I ensure you,you will not get disappointed.Meanwhile keep on visiting my blog.     

Friday, 11 November 2011

Watch Assamese news channel NEWS LIVE online

Assamese satellite news channels are become very much popular among the people through cable and dish network.Even channel NEWS LIVE chosen as the best regional language news channel of India in 2011 in a survey.So readers, I am here with you to share this  Assamese news channel's streaming link for PC so that you can watch it directly from your PC.If you are connected to internet using your Desktop Computer or a Laptop, you can watch this Assamese TV Channel online and the only requirements that should be fulfilled is that of having a decent and considerable download/ upload speed against your active data connection and a compatible browser like Chrome or Firefox installed with necessary plugins like Adobe flash player to run flash videos.Personally,I like this news channel very much and you guyz also enjoy watching it!


Readers,today I have come up with a collection of 3 more Assamese newspapers.But these are not as much popular as the previous ones(this is only my own personal view) but these papers are very informative and so I feel that these links should be shared and that's why I am here.So readers read these newspapers online for free and let me know your view on them.For the links published in my previous post click here.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Software to send sms in Assamese

Hi readers,here I am with my new post.Today I have brought an exclusive JAR software to send sms in INDIAN languages.The software PANINI KEYPAD supports multiple languages like Hindi,Bengali,Punjabi etc.According to software provider it supports Assamese also but you will have a little bit of problem with অসমীয়া ৰ as it is not identical with Bengali.Otherwise it is a very useful and easy use software.Clicking here will directly take you to the download page.Before ending let me tell you that it is a trial version software and after using for sometime you have to buy the full version from them.So guyz use it and let me know if it works perfectly for you. 

Monday, 7 November 2011

3 MISTAKES OF MY LIFE eBook free download

Hello readers,today I have come up with a free eBook 3 MISTAKES OF MY LIFE by Chetan Bhagat.Below I have provided the link for downloading.Readers note that our files are hosted by Mediafire and clicking the link will take you there to the download location.So guyz keep on rocking and don't forget to comment.......!!!!

                  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


Sunday, 6 November 2011

SALE GRAM-The Mystery of Hindu Mythology

Hello readers!Welcome to the blog.In my first post I am going to give u a nice article about SALEGRAM published in a leading Assamese daily DAINIK ASOM  by Mr. R.P SAIKIA.Actually it is a particular kind of stone found only in the bank of the river GANDAKI.The VAISNAVITES worship this stone as the Avatar of LORD VISHNU.In this article the author gives a nice description about this amazing stone.So I hope u will download it and enjoy reading it in your mother tongue.So guys have fun and don't forget to do comments!                                                              

      CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Saturday, 5 November 2011


Now a days,lots of Assamese daily newspapers are published in Assam and mostly all of them have online version over internet.When we search for them in search engines like Google we find the links to many of them but not all of them,so here in this post I have come up with a collection of links to them.Here in this post I have provided links to three of these papers and share some other links in my future posts.

The aim of my blog

Hello readers,welcome to my blog.I created this blog to share something mainly of Assamese language and Assam over internet with my known unknown friends.Actually I like reading books,articles,novels in electronic medium very much and this blog is mainly for those people who shares same interests like me but unable to find anything by searching hours after hours,due to lack of resources.At first I am thinking of publishing my posts in Assamese কিন্তু Unicode ত  অসমীয়া ৰ এই দুৰাৱস্থা দেখি সেই আশা বাদ দিলো। So in my posts I will try to provide download links to mainly Assamese PDF books but along with that I will try to share some multimedia contents also.Readers I hope you will enjoy reading my blog..............................