Thursday, 5 January 2012

Read Assamese horror story by Ranju Hazarika online

Hello Readers,How are you?I think you have read the first episode of Xopun Jibonor of Monoj Kumar Deka.After that post on Assamese novel,today I am going to share with you a horror story in Assamese.I think it is the first Assamese horror story to be shared on internet and BLOG অসম will get the first credit for sharing it.The story পৈশাচিক was written by popular Assamese thriller writer RANJU HAZARIKA and it was published in his book বিভৎস শিহৰণ.Many of us doesn't that he is the author who has the glory of writing maximum number of Assamese books.Personally I am great fan of the adventure and mystery  novels written by him in Assamese but I don't like horror stories,still I share this because whenever I search on Google for Assamese mystery or horror stories they show some results for some English stories of same category.If you don't have taste in horror stories,don't read it.I will add stories from different categories in this blog soon.......So keep on visiting my blog and don't forget to do comments.



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