Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Watch Assamese news channel DY365 online

Hello readers,How are you?I hope you have enjoyed your মাঘ বিহু as well as the file uploading service in my blog.It is very simple,fast and easy to use service.So guys if you want to share anything in this blog related to its subjects,you can easily do that by using this service .Whenever you upload anything don't forget to enter your email id on "HOW WE CAN CONTACT YOU" text field .Today I am going to share with you the streaming link for popular Assamese news channel DY 365 run by BRAHMAPUTRA TELECOMMUNICATION Pvt. Ltd.It is very popular news channel among Assamese viewers for the quality of their news.Besides updated news telecast,they broadcast many popular comedy and talent hunt,music shows like DY CHUPATI,DY MEDLEY,Comedy King etc.Here I have added the link to their homepage from where you can watch this channel live with their embedded streaming player.But only thing you need is a standard broadband internet connection with decent upload and download speed.So enjoy the channel and keep on visiting my blog......To go the site click on the image 


We need your help .Near to Noonmati FCI all the truck block the road to load their goods from FCI .Therefore we citizen daily face problem during morning .They dont give way to 108 emergency Van too .We always get late to office ,schools .Regarding police they are not at all bother about anyone .i have sufficient photos with me if needed .

Kindly publish the news as soon as possible .

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