Monday, 2 January 2012

Why this Kolaveri Assamese version sung by Khagen Gogoi and other Assamese Bihu singers free download

Hello readers,How are you?Today I am going to share with you the the new version of Assamese why this Kolaveri created by popular Assamese news channel NEWS LIVE.This song is composed by Editor in chief of NEWS LIVE Atanu Bhuyan and sung by popular Assamese Bihu singers like Khagen Gogoi,Anupam Choudhury,Krishnamoni Chutia etc.I hope you have downloaded the another version of Assamese Kolaveri shared by me in one my previous posts.If not then click here to download it.The song I have added here is in mp3 format to watch the video of this song click here .

                                             CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SONG  


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