Monday, 5 March 2012

Help wikipedia in creating a content rich Assamese encyclopedia

Hello Readers,I am back in my blog with my brand new post.Today I am going to share with you the link to the Assamese Wikipedia.As you know that it is the largest online encyclopedia over internet which is available in many regional languages of the world.In Assamese also Wikipedia is available in this link.But is not well equipped with resources(It is only my personal view) like other regional languages of India(Marathi,Gujarati,Bengali etc.). So as an Assamese it is our prime duty to contribute our best to it.To add content to Wikipedia you have to register at the site going to this link.To know how you can contribute to Assamese Wikipedia click this link and read the instructions provided by Wikipedia .I hope you will join the site and contribute it in various categories in which you think you have wide range of knowledge and make it content rich.For more site updates on Assamese keep on visiting my blog.......


How do I write assamese in my computer?

Hello Papul,Read my posts on Assamese Unicode and you will find your answer.Anyway thanks for your comment....

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