Sunday, 14 July 2013

Unicode based Assamese writing tool Jahnabi free download

Hello readers, welcome to Blog অসম . Today in this post I am going to share with you an Assamese Unicode writing tool Jahnabi. The software Jahnabi is developed by Mr. Utpal Phukan from Guwahati. One of my blog readers informed me about this tool via comments. Here is the information of the tool taken from the developers' website-
              JAHNABI is a small utility for MS Windows(Xp sp2 or later) written in DOTNET( needs .NET 2.0 or 4.0) to help you to write in Assamese language using Unicode standard. The tool is free and very easy to use. No need to install either. Minimize to system tray and use Control+Q to switch between Assamese and English and vice versa . 
              The software has two versions one installer and other one is portable version. Portable version comes handy if you need to use in different PC's. For any kind of assistance related to the software there is a help file or documentation available on the developers' site. That's all for today. for more post like this keep on visiting BLOG অসম.....

                                          Click Here To Go to The Site


মই বহু দিনৰ পৰা অসমীয়াত লিখিবৰ বাবে জাহ্নবী ব্যবহাৰ কৰি আহিছো।আচলতে ২০১১ মানতে আমাৰ এটা প্রজেক্টৰ বাবে গীতাঞ্জলীৰ দৰে দেখাত এটা ফন্টৰ দৰকাৰ হৈছিল।কথাটো উৎপলক কোৱাত তেওঁ আমাৰ বাবে লৰালৰিকৈ জাহ্নবী ছফ্‌টৱেৰটো আৰু নতুন ফন্ট এটা তৈয়াৰ কৰি দিছিল।জাহ্নবী নামৰ নতুন ফন্টটো অসমীয়া ভাষাৰ প্রা্য় আটাইবোৰ যুক্তাক্ষৰ লিখিবলৈ সক্ষম।

Nice to see our old(we have been using it since 2011) software listed in your blog. Thanks Nibir. Keep up your good work

moi ai2 postot thoka linkot golo bt download link2 napalo. Mok aitu software and fon2 bor dorkar hoise. Link2 dbo pariba neki ?
Try this link and download setup files.... Thanks for your comment

To Write in Pagemaker7 & Photoshop7 You have to Download Jahnabi Compatible ASCII Fonts. Which are available at
This link is given by the Authority to me. But not Published on their website.

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I appreciate your work. I would like to suggest you that there is an android application called "Text Fairy" that can easily scan English, Bengali, Hindi texts from books into Unicode texts. Though there's no Assamese Font support, yet you may select Bengali in settings and then edit the ৰ there. Hope this will ease your work in creating epub, ebook etc.

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