Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Adventures of Robin Hood in Assamese free download

Hello Readers, Here I am back in Blog অসম to share with you a new eBook. I hope you have enjoyed reading "The Death Trap" by H.H Munro, I shared day before yesterday. Today in this post I am going to share "The Adventures of Robin Hood" in Assamese. It is one of my favorite classics in English and I hope you will enjoy reading this book. The quality of scanning of the book is bit low cause it is a very old book but if you have any problem in reading it let me know via mail or comments, I will try to resolve it. More books are coming soon, stay updated....

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I hear so much about this story. I ant to get for more reading. Thank's for sharing with us....

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প্রথমতে আপোনালৈ অশেষ ধন্য়বাদ নিবিড় ডাঙরিয়া। আপোনার এই ব্লগর জরিয়তে বহুতো মুল্য়বান আরু দুস্পাপ্য় কিতাপ পঢ়ার সুবিধা পাইছো। পারিলে অসমীয়া সাধারণ জ্ঞান(GK) র কিছুমান কিতাপ পষ্ট করিবছোন। ধন্য়বাদ

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