Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bedonar Ulka (বেদনাৰ উল্কা) - An Academy award winning Assamese poems collection free download

Hello Readers, Today in this post I am sharing an eBook Bedonar Ulka (বেদনাৰ উল্কা). Hope you have already downloaded and read the poem collection Sagar Dekhisa by Debakanta Baruah previously shared in BLOG অসম. Bedonar Ulka is  a collection of poems by eminent Assamese poet Ambikagiri Raichoudhury. It was first published in the year 1964. The book won Sahitya Academy Award in Assamese in the year 1966. The digitized version added here is scanned from the first edition of the book. As it is a very old(probably rare) book, the quality of scanning is not that good. I have collected this book from Dr. Surya Kumar Bhuyan Library of Cotton College and hereby I want to say thanks to the library officials for providing me the book. I will try to collect more such books and share them with you in BLOG অসম. If you face any problem in reading the book, you can comment here or drop me an email. I will try to resolve it. Keep on visiting the blog for latest updates...

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Download huwa nai. 3.92 mb r pisot restart hoise bare bare.

মই আকৌ এবাৰ ডাউনল'ড কৰি চালো । একো সমস্যা হোৱা নাই । অনুগ্রহ কৰি পুনৰ চেষ্টা কৰি চাওক ।

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Can you upload 'Jiwanor Batot' by Bina Baruah?

I will try to collect the book and upload it. Thanks for visiting Blog Asom ............

ডাউনল’ড কৰিব পাৰিছোঁ৷ আপোনালৈ ধন্যবাদ থাকিল৷

মনোমতী উপন্যাস খন ডাউনল' ড কৰি পঢ়িবলৈ মন গৈছে দাদা আপুনি Pdfত দিয়ক দাদা আপোনাক বহু বহু অনুৰোধ জনাইছো ????

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