Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pagala Fatak (পগলা ফাটক) - Assamese translation of Anton Chekhov's Ward No.6 free download

Book Details

  • Name - Pagala Fatak (পগলা ফাটক)
  • Author -  Anton Chekhov
  • Translation - Bimal Nath
  • Genre - Short Story
  • Year of Publishing - 1964
  • Total Pages - 112
  • Size - 7.8 MB
  • Format - PDF 

Hello Readers, today I am sharing with you the Assamese translation of Ward No.6, a short story by Russian author Anton Chekhov. It is originally published in Russian language in 1892 as "Palata No. 6". The story is set in a provincial mental asylum and explores the philosophical conflict between Ivan Gromov, a patient and Andrey Ragin, the director of the asylum.  The Assamese translation is done by Bimal Nath and the first edition was published in 1964. I hope you will enjoy the book. For new updates keep on visiting Blog অসম....

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নিবিড় ভাল হৈছে, ১৯৬৪ ৰ কিতাপ পাবলৈ এতিয়া খুব কমেই পোৱা যায়। পাল এছ বাক ৰ দ্য গুড আথ খন ই বুক দিবলৈ চেষ্টা কৰিবাচোন।

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