Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Achina(অচিনা) - Only poetry collection by Amulya Barua in PDF and EPUB format

Book Details

  • Name - Achina(অচিনা)
  • Author -  Amulya Barua
  • Genre -  Poetry
  • Total Pages -113 (in the PDF)
  • Format - PDF, EPUB


 অৰূপ অচিনা, বন্দনা, পদুমৰ অভিযান, স্বৰূপ, সুন্দৰৰ সুখ, হিয়াৰ বাতৰি, বুজা ভুল, “ভুলৰ কাৰণে মাথো সৃষ্টি বিধাতাৰ”, শিল্পী, তোলৈ আৰু তেওঁলৈ, মই জানো ইমান নিঠুৰ, তৃপ্তিৰ ৰহস্য, ভুলৰ পূজা, অঞ্জলি, তুমি আৰু মই, বিদায়, দৃষ্টিৰ বিননি, মৰমে যেতিয়া চুমে, ভাল পোৱা, বিধৱা, প্ৰীতি উপহাৰ, আইতাৰ মৃত্যুত (কামাখ্যা), ভুৱনেশ্বৰীৰ শিখৰত, বিফলতা, উন্মুক্ত যৌৱন, মুক্তি গান, বেশ্যা, বিপ্লৱী, কয়লা(অসমাপ্ত), কুকুৰ, সিহঁত তেতিয়া জীৱ,আন্ধাৰৰ হাহাকাৰ, ভাৰতীৰ মুক্তি স্বপ্ন, আজি আমাৰ বিহু, মৰমৰ ধাৰ, প্ৰকাশ, এমোকোৰা হাঁহি লই শুৱনি মূখত, চেনেহৰ পুতু, এটিফুল

Hello Readers, after a long break here I am with a new book in Blog অসম. But this time, I am with something special, an Assamese book in epub format. If you are an eBook enthusiast then you have probably encountered the epubs available online and experienced how much better they are as compared  to PDFs. Those who don't know about epub, it is a flexible book format which is used in wide variety of eBook readers like Kobo, Barnes & Noble's Nook etc. I am a huge fan this format due the flexibility it provides. Those who like to read books on their mobile devices should go for this format because it adapts to your screen size. To know more about epub and softwares and devices to read epub, you can visit here.

The book I am sharing today is  Achina(অচিনা) by Amulya Barua. I was introduced to his poetry by the poem কুকুৰ contained in my Assamese textbook during high school days. After that I read his other poems belonging to same genre like  বিপ্লৱী, বেশ্যা, কয়লা etc and became enthusiastic about this genre of poetry. One thing to mention here, the poem কয়লা is incomplete in the books provided here because the last page of the poem is missing in my copy of the book. So if you have the poem, you are requested to share it and I will update the links with the new books with a credit note. Here I am providing two formats of the book - epub and PDF. The text is in Unicode format and so you can copy and paste this anywhere you want. The book is free from copyright as mentioned by Assamese Wikipedia, so you can share this book without any restrictions but a link to Blog অসম is always nice.

I am assuming that, this is the first Assamese epub to be available online and I have worked with this format for the first time. So despite taking utmost care in creating, there might be some problems in reading the file in some devices. If you find any such error or problem in reading the epub, mail me at nibirborpuzari@gmail.com with a screenshot. Thanks and keep on visiting Blog অসম.

Click Here to Download the epub

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